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President Message - Steve Nick 2018-19
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Remarks by 2018-19 Rotary Club of Eau Claire President


Steve Nick

June 18, 2018


(Editor’s Note: After being inducted as our Club President at our Annual Recognition & Installation Celebration, Steve Nick thanked outgoing president Wes Escondo and then looked forward to our 2018-19 Rotary year.)


My Fellow Rotarians,


First, Wes, please join me back at the podium.  And as he does, fellow members please join me in thanking Wes Escondo for his year of service to our Club and community as President of the Rotary Club p Eau Claire.


Wes has had a great year and the Club has had a great year with Wes as our President.  We have completed an amazing Rotary Bridge Lighting Project.  It is so well received by the community that the City has two more bridge lighting projects planned.  Wes is a great advocate of youth not only as Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters, but in his work with our Interact clubs and scholarship program.   He has led our meetings with enthusiasm, wit... and a punctuality that would impress an Italian dictator.  I hope to live up to at least two of three.  So, to honor you and our firm time schedule, please accept this plaque and our great thanks… and sit down… we have to move on to stay on time.  Thank you Wes, for your service to the Rotary Club of Eau Claire, your excellent work this past year, and the assistance I know you’ll continue to provide to me and the Club in the year ahead.


Thank you all for the opportunity to serve you as our Club president.  I am honored and humbled by your confidence and the excellent company I’m entering of other presidents of our Rotary Club.


Let me share with you a few objectives I have for our year ahead and then some thoughts on why I am a Rotarian and the importance of Rotary here in Eau Claire and around the world.



  • Continue to grow membership so we can better serve our community and beyond
    • Advance a corporate and family membership
  • Position the Club to be ready for growth
    • Review and update our Club’s By-laws
    • Ensure a strong leadership of the President-Elect, officers, and committee chairs
  • Build upon recent successful community projects
    • Develop an entrepreneurial grant program in conjunction with DECI
    • Add a Club chair and make Dinner on the Bridge a DECI and Rotary function… building on Rotary Lights Phoenix Park bridge
  • Expand our reach internationally
    • Seek for the right project for our Club to support internationally
    • Attend and hopefully begin a tradition of attending Rotary International conventions

Now a few comments on the importance and relevance of Rotary today, which is as much or more than ever in our world of factionalism, uncertainty, erosion of trust, and too often incivility


Importance of Rotary and our Message

  • Service above Self
    • Opportunity to lead by example
    • To work to make positive change, and
    • To learn first-hand that service and generosity of time, talent and spirit is as much or more a gift to the giver than those grateful recipients.  Recipients who we share far more than we differ, whether cross-town neighbors, fellow Americans (as Juliana taught me can be North – Central or South) or those in need of a polio vaccine in Afghanistan, potable water in Africa, or peace and social justice anywhere in the world.
  • Ethic of Truth
    • 4-Way Test with its principles of Truth, Fairness, Mutuality guide us
    • We are all better for it when that message is heard - and modeled
    • Support those institutions that use credible sources and report truth and encourage each other to speak truth even when uncomfortable or challenging to our beliefs.   
  • Camaraderie
    • Emphasize the function of Rotary as a place to meet and share ideas and form friendships with good people, of varied ages, perspectives, and backgrounds. One of the reasons Rotary was formed was for good discussions with those of varied personal and professional backgrounds.
    • I will plan to give this a little more time at our lunch tables, and encourage you to move around those tables to have those lunch discussions with different fellow members from week to week.
In Closing

Rotary and the Rotary Club of Eau Claire will continue to make a positive difference in our community, for our Club and for each other.  This year I expect we will strengthen our Club, build upon great past local successful projects, and reach out to join with other Rotarians on national and international efforts.


Again, I’m honored to be a fellow Rotarian and to serve you in the role of President.  Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to the year to come.  Thank you.