Remarks by 2020-21 Rotary Club of Eau Claire President 


Dennis R. Vanden Bloomen

July 9, 2020


(Editor’s Note: After being inducted as our Club President at our Annual Recognition & Installation Celebration, Dennis Vanden Bloomen thanked outgoing president
Howard Ludwigson and then looked forward to our 2020-21 Rotary year.)


What difference does one Rotarian make?


By doing just one…

  • Ask one new prospective member to lunch this year -- membership helps grow the club, but you will be asked why should I join Rotary? What does Rotary do for my community and beyond? Better have those answers.
  • Display one Rotary item on your car -- advertise the club.  We can do a better job of promoting the many good things Rotary does in our community and around the world. A car sticker is worth hundreds of dollars in advertising. They are free from the club.
  • Wear one Rotary item each week -- take pride in being a member of a great organization. Everyone has a pin... or wear a more visible item like a hat or shirt. You will be asked why you are a Rotary.
  • Donate just one dollar each week -- small donations by a large number of Rotarians adds up. Polio Eradication is a great example of persistence over time. Really step up and do the automatic $10 per month donation to the Rotary Foundation's Annual Fund (SHARE). The goal is $100 Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY). Meeting this $100 per member per year goal, for the past two years has qualified our club to apply for matching grants from our Rotar District 6250.
  • Attend one Board Meeting -- these meetings determine where our club is going... help set the direction where you want your club to go. The meeting minutes and financial statements are posted in the Members portion of the on the Club's website.
  • Visit one other Rotary club this year -- see how another club operates... we can always do better. Zoom meetings make it easy if you are not actually travelling.
  • Volunteer one hour at a club activity -- volunteer for projects and activities that matter to you (For example, Rotary Feeds is scheduled for November 7).

Do these simple things and help accomplish your goals for our Rotary Club, our Rotary District and Rotary International.



Dennis R. Vanden Bloomen

President 2020-21

Rotary Club of Eau Claire